Sessions - Erotic Massage

Whoo hoo - allow me to pleasure you – with magic hands, that will blow more than your mind!


Firstly, I love that you’re owning your erotic desires and pleasures. I receive just as much enjoyment and empowerment as a women sharing time with respectful men who honour their needs. I love that you’re choosing to satisfy your sexual desires this opens you to be able to create more beauty in your life in other areas like your work, home and family and friends too.

I offer a variety of sessions and for a reason – we’re not accustomed to asking for what we actually want so I have listed quite a few offerings so you understand all that I am open to playing with.

Please know that my spacious and beautifully decorated space located in the inner leafy eastern suburb of Adelaide, shower facilities are available along with all the personal grooming products to allow you to step back into the office looking fabulous.

There is ample street parking or you’re also welcome to park in the driveway too, which ever you prefer.



The services you will receive will consist of a soft and sensual erotic massage with a few tantric techniques. Yes, I do charge a little more than your average parlour - and there’s a very good reason for that and I make no apology. You won’t get anything like my service at a parlour. It’s completely different to anything you’ve experienced before. At the end your massage and you’ll be planning when you can come back for more and you’ll probably tell your friends too, because these sessions are arousing and also very relaxing.

There are three flavours of sensual massage to choose from. Each flavour is a different approach to unlocking a profound experience of connection and sensuality within your own body.

* Deluxe (+50$) Two way touch (conditions apply)

Sensual Cock Worship – ( $150 - 30mins) If you only have a little time available, I can give you the most intense cock massage that will put you in a euphoric state of mind. The pleasure is in the edging, holding you at the tingles yet having the skills to keep you there. These sessions are about building erotic pleasure and less about getting you there quickly.

  • Out-call - $100 travel

Sensual Full Body Sensory Play Massage ($200 - 45mins) If you have more time, we can have a little more fun - you'll experience an amazing body slides, and you’ll be amazed by the tricks I have up my sleeve, I’m not going to give them away on my website though.

  • Out-call - $100 travel

Sensual Full Body Massage - Oil Optional ($250 - 60mins) This is a very gentle massage based on creating connection and safety with nourishing and nurturing touch to help build trust and alleviate symptoms of chronic emotional stress and tension using Ka Huna Bodywork/Massage techniques. 

  • Out-call - $100 travel

Sensual Tantric Massage ($350 - 90mins) Have you ever wanted to explore Tantra and your desires in a way that has you feeling totally accepted, taken care of and welcomed in an authentic way? I offer sensual tantric massage as one way to bring the magic of this into your life. My focus is on slow connected erotic touch, gently building arousal in your body while deepening your relaxation. The power of your orgasm is directly related to the depth of relaxation in your body... and Erotic relaxation is my specialty!

  • Out-call - $100 travel



Session are available by phone, however, payment is to be made online prior - please contact me for further details.


Relationships can be confusing and leaving you wandering where you’re going wrong and why things aren’t working!

After years working with people in the adult industry and within their relationships I can guide both men and women in the art of intimacy, connection and relating. I love relationships and sometimes with a little guidance you can get things back on track and nurturing healthy heartfelt and sexually fulfilling connections.

You don’t know, what, you don’t know!

Relationships can be explain in such a way that you’re able to identify simple and common misunderstandings when it comes to relating, communicating and connecting with your intimate partner.

We can touch on some skills base techniques too to help in the bedroom – add some pizazz!

$250 – 60 mins



Yep, there are definitely way to help you control when you want to ejaculate. With techniques and a few training exercises we can have you working your man magic and in this case sooner rather than later....winks*

With a few tips you will be amazed how you can improve your bedroom antics.

$250 - 60 mins



It's not like you can walk up to a women and say 'hi, I'm not very experienced however can I can a look at your......". So, if you would like a tour around the playground and be shown how best to handle her to get her purrrrrrring, then this is the session for you. Porn isn't going to teach you how to please real women and believe me you'll gain so much confidence you'll wander why you didn't book in earlier.

$300 - 60 mins

$500 - 90 mins

* I'll show you around the lady playground however full service is not included in the first booking, I'll give you the confidence to go do it in the back of the car like you're supposed too.....winks*