Making a booking


By appointment only – my naughty phone will be answered from 10 am daily (except Sundays - all Sunday bookings are required to be pre-arranged and be a minimum of 1 hour)



Mobile: 044 88 33 991


Please introduce yourself via text or email by stating your full name, mobile number, your location, enquiry or intended date, time, length and type of experience you desire.

If making contact by phone please make sure that your number is displayed as I do not answer private, overseas or landline numbers.

Rude and derogatory messages will be ignored. 

Booking Etiquette

  • 'Hi' 'How are you?' 'How much' 'you avail' 'you free' are all inappropriate points of contact and will be IGNORED!;
  • How you contact me is important – first impressions count! I kindly invite you to introduce yourself by name, where you got my details from, the type of booking, duration and preferred time & date. A beautiful well structured email or sms will most definitely light up my heart because I instantly know the quality of man I am in contact with;
  • From the moment we start communicate I am assessing I feel comfortable with the way you conduct yourself as a client. Yes, it’s ok to be nervous but it’s not ok to be rude;
  • I invite you to ask questions – I’m not that scary, I promise! However, if the questions you ask are all on my website that’s pretty frustrating. Yes, it’s ok to be nervous but I’ve put a lot of love into my site for a reason – please take the time to read it thoroughly;
  • If the phone is unanswered, which is often the case because I have a day job. Please send me a delightful text message or email introducing yourself along with the time, date and type of booking you desire. Adding corny jokes are warmly welcomed too;
  • Negotiating rates is offensive and disrespectful;
  • If you are looking for a particular service or fantasy, I invite you to have the courage to ask. The worst that can happen is I will politely decline if I am not comfortable with your request;
  • Please ARRIVE and LEAVE on time. No shows numbers will be blocked from any further contact;
  • All expenses are to be covered and organised by the client – (dinner, theatre tickets, transfers, travel or special outfit)
  • Light hearted courteous fun communicate is definitely welcomed from existing clients to make an actual booking, continuous text messages without a booking = time waster!
  • The better you smell the closer I will get. Shower facilities are available and not included in our time together (time permitting).

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end and you’re still intrigued.

Fabulous – I sincerely look forward to connecting and touching you soon.

With love,

Ayla x