Meet Ayla

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My name is Ayla Le Fay and nothing brings a smile to my face more than spending time and enjoying cheeky pleasures with a respectful gentleman.

What I offer are very unique kinds of sensual sacred services that are erotic, feminine, emotionally intelligent as a sacred intimate -- and it will give you an unparalleled sense of closeness and genuine company.

I have years of Tantric and Sacred Sexual Arts Training which helps prolong your pleasure until your body is trembling from desire. If your body enjoys being caressed with the touch of what can only be described as magic hands felt over every inch of your skin; with the skills of knowing when to pick up the pace then slows it down; maintaining deep eye contact, so you feel not just aroused but deeply affirmed.

Your pleasure is my pleasure, I genuinely love the gift of eroticism and touch!

If this is your first time experiencing an erotic massage or sacred intimate, are you are shy or inexperienced, or maybe you just want to improve your sexual skills, I will gently guide you with openness. If you are already a man of the world, I will happily match your skill with soulful sensuality.

I am a loving, giving, open-minded woman with a seductive gaze and a cheeky grin.

So let’s talk about you. You are first and foremost, a gentleman who knows how to appreciate a lady. It doesn’t matter where you are from, or how experienced you are, but deep down, you are in touch with your desires and seek intimacy on a deeper level. You are confident yet sensitive, appreciative of life and all that it offers, and extend the same generosity to those who share your company. I choose to work only with people who are adept at personal grooming and hygiene and equipped with impeccable manners. Gentlemen who know how to treat a lady and understands that this is an arrangement that should be pleasurable to both people.

I love what I offer and for me it’s about being sexually authentic by expressing the woman who is comfortable with my body and my ability to create a space of relaxation, pleasure and sensuality. What I am not comfortable with is a hard-core porn star experience or feeling like someone's dancing monkey merely for their entertainment. If you want an experience that is based on just getting off, that’s fine however I’m not your girl.

All this talk of pleasure and we haven't touched on my body yet. I'm a fit, healthy, non-smoking, drug-free, firm/toned full-figured genuine sized 12 woman in my 40's (and yet I've never felt sexier). My proportional womanly curves are apparently all in the right places, my skin is flawless, smooth and tanned, my hair is dark and curly and I'm told my firm, all natural F cup breasts (yes, I grew them all by myself) are magnificent and quite captivating. Looking up you'll find the kind dark brown eyes and contagious smile of a sexy, sensual yet cheeky woman who yearns and thrives on intimacy and pleasure.

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